Owner of Goodfellas Stone Work is Gerardo Olvera. He is a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, growing up in the industry of landscaping and custom building. In his adult years, he gained many years of experience working for a small business and working directly with local clients. Through this time, he gained a deep passion for creating outdoor spaces for people to enjoy and could be proud of showcasing. He eventually started his own family business to bring his love for his work to the forefront. Over time, he brought his wife and eventually his daughter, Karla, to take on administration and consultation to provide a full source solution. Ultimately, Gerardo wants to be hands on for every build so look forward to meeting him on your next outdoor living project!

Something quite noteworthy about Goodfellas Stone Work is our history in the area. We have helped improve a vast amount of homes in the triangle and surrounding areas. With Goodfellas being a family business, all of us are passionate about bringing quality service to other homeowners. We take pride in our work and want others to enjoy their time with family outdoors in the comfort of their home. This is why, we have crafted a high quality system of working only on one project at a time to be able to build to the highest standard. We like to start with a smile and leave with a smile!