We offer a variety of solutions. Our strongest recommendation is concrete pools because of the stability and longevity. And within the field of pool building, there are sometimes a stigma of companies not staying focused on a project. Stonefellas Stone Work stands apart from the competition because we focus only on your project! We pride ourselves in giving our undivided attention from start to finish. Feel confident in your pool being built by professionals that stayed on task the entire building process and that the highest quality of materials were used.


First off, we use extra materials for stability and quality purposes. Have you ever considered things such as grate locations and water flow? This is one of the most important aspects we cover with you when building patios. Also a unique part about us that we use one of the rarest pavers in North Carolina so your patio will be custom and one of a kind. Because of our standards, we create amazing patios that our clients rave about!

Retaining Walls

We use a range of materials including natural stone (which is the most requested!). And don’t worry, we build to code. Our team is experienced in making sure any wall built is within any guidelines. Retaining walls have their functions and we also make sure it compliments your property visually. Our outdoor builds not only serve their purpose but increase the beauty and value of any home.